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What are you looking for? Pipes, safety vests, ship furniture, or brassware, you will get it all at PEX Australia.

We are a go-to supplier for all your plumbing needs. We supply everything from toilet suites to copper tube and go the extra mile to help you with reliability, fast delivery, competitive pricing, excellent customer services, and knowledgeable staff. We have all the plumbing supplies according to your specific needs and offer top quality premium products to suit your budget and needs. If you are concerned about the availability, then let us tell you that we provide our supplies in different industry domains including commercial and industrial, domestic and retail, civil ,construction, and marine.

Commercial and Industrial Plumbing Supplies

Commercial and Industrial

With warehouse and sales operations throughout Australia, we deal in premium supplies.

It includes copper tubes, valves, press-fit copper system, adaptors, fire hose reels, tools, signs and many more. These come at competitive pricing and help plumbers get their job done right.

Domestic and Retail Plumbing Supplies

Domestic and Retail

We also take off your domestic and retail needs and offer the needed support and high-end products for your specific needs.

Our products include crimp system, sleeve system, gas, valves, toilet suits, shower systems, rems, novopress, and many more which are easy to install.

Civil and Construction Plumbing Supplies

Civil and Construction

We have been serving thousands of contractors and businesses at large in civil and construction where they need an entire plumbing system.

We provide a wide range of products in this specific domain which includes pipes, pits and grates, grease traps and many more. We also provide tools and accessories for safety gear that include helmets, safety vests, masks, sanitizers, and truck cleaners.

Marine Plumbing Supplies


We also suffice needs for plumbing supplies in the marine sector owing to our vast distribution network and endless capabilities.

Our range of products includes flashing systems, Copper Nickle and stainless pipes and fittings, ship furniture, safety vests, boots, gloves, and many more. We promise to equip your vessels with quality-checked plumbing supplies!

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Why Choose PEX Australia?

At PEX Australia, you will get thousands of plumbing products and spare parts available in stock catering to different industry sectors. Our exceptional services and premium products have made us one of the leading companies in Australia known for its superior plumbing supplies.

Let us know what you want we will help you with:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Easy Installation by tradesman
  • Fast Shipping
  • Comprehensive Product Range
  • Warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Dedicated support and help centres
PEX Australia - Plumbing Supplies

Our plumbing product inventory features top brands, and we follow all guidelines and standards in compliance with the local authority.

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