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Unlike land-based plumbing, marine plumbing comes with its own set of challenges. It takes an expert hand to buy flashing systems, safety products, stainless pipes and fittings, copper nickel pipe and fittings, steel pipe and other ship furniture. Here you need someone whom you can trust – someone like the team of PEX Australia who’s active in the marine plumbing product industry for several years.

Who are We?

We at PEX Australia are the marine plumbing experts you need! Whether it is a plumbing issue or an issue with your wash down or fuel hose and fittings, we are here to take care of your requirements.

We understand that similar to the conventional plumbing, marine plumbing is also prone to damages to wash down or fuel hoses and fittings. Installation of new ones or repairing the old ones is a tough call. You need a certain experience to fit for the role and ensure that your vessel is good to sail in the vast blue oceans.

As marine plumbing is critical, we use a practical and more secured approach to deliver quality-checked products. Our strength lies in our experienced and certified professionals who carry out their task with years of expertise and care. Whether you wish to buy a safety vest, boots, and gloves or you want to buy CuNi Steel Pipe and fittings, we are the ultimate solutions you need.

What Do We Offer?

We offer exceptional quality on all off our marine services. For each and every aspect of marine plumbing and applications, we make sure to utilise appropriate products for onboard, powertrain, waste, and other projects.

We supply products that are certified from  a Lloyds Approved Mill, DNV etc.

Our marine plumbing solutions are well equipped with innovations and stay ahead in the market with latest additions. Our products including marine plumbing and hose fittings are suitable for critical areas of plumbing onboard.

We take pride in our innovations including

  • Green Care Quantum Flush
  • Ship Furniture
  • Flashing Systems
  • Safety Products
  • Deodoriser, Sanitisers, and Cleaners

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Why Choose Us for Marine Plumbing Products?

As marine plumbing is complicated and not well-organised as land plumbing, having a marine plumbing specialist by your side will increase your capability as well as the lifespan of the vessel.

At PEX Australia, we take extreme care in deciding the suitable marine supply for your vessel. Our extensive range of products fit both small and large projects perfectly. Also, we offer to stock products according to your need and order instantly if your requirement asks for something special. No matter what is the size and scope of your needs, we ensure to deliver top-quality products well within time.

Visit us here to have a look at our services or call us to have an expert opinion on your queries. We are here with our 24*7 support to help you with your marine concerns and come up with immediate solutions.

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